Two days of inquest for Man Utd players after Wolves defeat

Manchester United’s players were given two days off despite their defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Ralf Rangnick’s team produced a weak performance at Old Trafford, and was further behind the Premier League’s top four spots.

This result prompted a massive inquest by supporters and pundits alike, who wondered if the Red Devils had the ability to turn around their season.

Rangnick and Co. began 2022 with a 1-0 defeat at home, thanks to Joao Moutinho’s goal for Wolves in the 81st minute.

Despite the fury of fans, those involved in this match won’t return to Carrington until Thursday.

It’s worth noting that United will not play again until Monday, so the two-day break was a standard decision.

Rangnick will be welcoming Aston Villa to the Red Devils in the Third Round FA Cup. Rangnick hopes for an improvement when Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard’s side visit.

Rangnick, frustrated, said that he knew the task would be difficult.

“That’s why they brought me. It was not easy to strike a balance between defence and offensive.

“Today, we had similar problems to the team that existed three or four weeks before I arrived. It’s not easy to create a DNA without the ball.

“The game today demonstrated that there are still a lot of steps to be taken.”

The interim manager said, “I think that’s great.”

“We will make the most of it and find the best formation and, as you have heard, the best style of play.

“We must be more aggressive with the ball and apply more pressure to the other team when they have possession of it.”

Luke Shaw, left back, was furious at United’s insistence on being “together” when he spoke to Sky Sports.

Shaw said in a passionate interview that “We need to put more pressure on them, and we have to be more intense.” Shaw said, “I didn’t believe we were all there together.

“If you look at our players, they have incredible quality, but sometimes it is not enough. We must bring more intensity and motivation.

“Inside the dressing rooms, we know what our goals are. But on the pitch, we must give 100%. All of us must be 100% committed to winning these kinds of games.