This is how professional players spend their money.

What do the footballers spend their millions for?

Football is perhaps the most well-known sport in the whole world. Each English town has a local football club. They attract both the young and the old. Pubs are packed with football enthusiasts on match days. The market for sports betting is still thriving. It’s no surprise that the economy created an entire industry around this game because of the passion and preference it has. The industry’s coffers ringing and the European soccer market alone generates 29.8 Billion Euros annually. Because football stars are the backbone of the industry, it makes sense that players are also well paid.

Football players’ salaries are always at center of discussions. The salaries of football players are often beyond the reach of ordinary employees, who will never be able to earn the same salary as a star player. Cristiano Ronaldo is the best-paid soccer player with a salary of PS18.064.935. The Portuguese is closely followed at the top by Gareth Bale (PS17.204.234), Lionel Messi(PS13.763.387) and Zlatan Islamovic (PS12.903.176). However, the average British employee’s annual salary is PS29,000. This is a huge difference!

This is how they spend it.

The majority of British people have to save and even get a loan in order to buy a vehicle or fulfill their dream of buying a house. However, these expenses aren’t too costly for professionals and shouldn’t be a problem. The question now is: What can you spend all this money on?

Villas and cars as well as luxury goods

It turns out that footballers appreciate homeownership. Contrary to popular belief footballers do not live in luxury hotels. They prefer the freedom and security of owning their own home. Neymar Junior is a resident of a property near Versailles Palace. David de Gea is a Spanish citizen who has purchased a villa.

Additionally, professionals do not save money on the car. Manuel Neuer, the German national goalkeeper, recently purchased an Audi RS 6 Avant. This car costs a staggering PS101.846. Mario Balotelli does not go cheap. His Bentley cost him PS172,019.

Football players are known for flaunting their wealth throughout the day. Stars’ lavish lifestyles can be witnessed in their jewelry and expensive brand-name clothing.

Highly exaggerated expense

The spending of stars has no limits. Zlatan Ibrahimovic calls a Stockholm church his home. He hopes to transform the building into flats so he can invest in his future retirement plans. Didier Rrogba was also careful about investing his money. He bought shares in an investment company that mined gold for PS52.343,530. Wayne Rooney, his wife, has a passion for racehorses. Together they have given each others stallions worth PS103.187.

Why does professional footballers earn so much?

First of all, high salaries can be attributed to football’s huge popularity. Football stadiums are always full and millions of fans cheer them on at the television. Regularly purchased promotional items include jerseys and drinking cups as well as autograph cards, autograph cards, and ball caps. These revenues allow clubs to pay the salaries for the stars. Without the media hype around the players, such high revenue could not have been generated. Professionals are the clubs’ goldmine.

Many people believe that the salaries are justified. Stars train numerous times per day and must compete in international tournaments. The stars are exposed to high injury risks and must retire at the earliest possible age. To enjoy their life and be free from worry, a high-paying job is necessary.