The Footballers with the Most Financially Responsible Behavior in the history of football

Footballers can make a lot.

Their money habits However, their spending habits vary significantly from one person to another.

Some footballers are able to do incredible things with their salary and opening charitable organizations, assisting in funding education programs and making an impact in the world.

Others are less noble, choosing to invest their money into things that are more expensive for example, like starting their own private car collection.

We’re not here inform you about who is using his money in a right or wrong method. There are many footballers who for various reasons fail to manage their finances properly and end up in serious financial trouble.

We’re less likely to feel sorry for these guys and so we have made a decision to identify and shame a few of the most financially reckless footballers.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo knows that he’s rich.

Real Madrid’s star is not in danger of becoming bankrupt anytime soon, to be fair.

He’s one of the most well-known names in the world and is reported to earn around 40 million dollars in salary and endorsements each year.

When you’re that rich, financial accountability isn’t likely to be very high on your list of priorities.

Ronaldo’s extravagant spending on houses, cars, and clothes at the rate of PS8,000 per month is a little irresponsible. Ronaldo talks a lot about his desire to be a role-model for his son. A monthly budget of P8,000 on clothes will not aid in this.

It’s safe for us to conclude without getting too caught up in the private life of Ronaldo, that despite his wealth however, he was a bit reckless with his spending.


Pele was a player for 18 years with the Brazilian club Santos prior to his retirement semi-retirement.

In 1975, reportedly due to financial troubles, Pele decided to come out of semi-retirement and play with the NASL’s New York Cosmos, before going into retirement in the year 1977.

What I can’t figure out is how Pele got himself in financial trouble, in spite of many international trips, World Cups and endorsement contracts throughout his career.

Pele was playing football in the days when it was more conservative financially, however money could have been being thrown at his from every angle even before he moved to the New York Cosmos.

Pele, Brazil’s Minister for Sport in the 1990s, was not only financially troubled at the end with Santos but also faced financial problems.

According to reports, he made gambling part soccer’s revenue and corruption and money laundering were more common within Brazil’s FA.

I’m not shocked by the manner in which Pele is acting today.

Mario Balotelli

It appears Mario Balotelli is always losing money.

He was also fined one week’s worth of wages earlier this week for breaking the curfew of his club. In December, he reportedly paid out PS55,000 to stay at Manchester City Hotel for eight consecutive weeks while repairs to his house were carried out.

These repairs, according to reports, cost him PS400,000.

After winning PS25,000 in an online casino earlier in the day, Balotelli gave a homeless man PS1,000 in the year prior. The same bizarre act of charity by giving another one this past Christmas, as Balotelli surprised patrons at a local establishment with a bar tab of PS1,000.

The fines imposed on Balotelli are a tragic fact.

Through the cash he earns at Manchester City, Balotelli earns enough money to pay all fines he is liable to pay however, he’d have plenty of money to fund his outrageous acts of kindness should he just pay lesser fines.

Dietmar Hamann

Dietmar Hamann had a solid career with the likes of Bayern Munich, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester City before retiring permanently at the end of the 2010-11 season.

Hamann recently admitted that he suffered from gambling problems towards the end of his career. He explained that one night he was able to blow PS200,000 in a single evening.

Hamann’s issues were first discovered when it was revealed that Hamann was in debt of P600,000. Hamann could also be taken to the court.

Hamann stated that he is back to his normal self and his gambling problems are gone.

Obafemi Martins

Remember Obafemi Martins? He was the man who appeared to become a world-class striker during his time at Inter Milan and Newcastle. He was a modest, humble man who was a fan of scoring goals.

But apparently there was more to Martins than what was apparent.

According to Daily Mail Martins, while working for Newcastle, “regularly withdrew PS40,000 on weekends and another PS25,000 on the following Monday”, all at the same time earning a PS75,000-a week salary.

It didn’t stop there.

Evidently, Martins and his agent were so inept, that when Martins first arrived at Newcastle the club, he was “not been paid a penny for the image rights he had earned on Newcastle United mugs and shirts,” and “had received no compensation from his sponsorship contracts and couldn’t even locate the contracts he had originally signed.”

A train wreck.

NVA Management offered to take the reins of Martins management for a one-time payment of PS300,000.00 and 20 percent of the sponsorship amount. Martins accepted, but failed to make the payment of the PS300,000.

Even with his financial problems, Martins insisted on owning numerous fast cars, such as an elite PS85,000 Porsche Cayenne 4×4, and spent his money on extravagant penthouses and luxurious homes.

He owned a huge multi-million-pound house in the exclusive footballers’ community of Darras Hall, near Ponteland, Northumbria, and rented an elegant apartment with views of Newcastle upon Tyne’s swanky Quayside.

Perhaps Martins financial woes might have prompted him to make ill-fated transfers to Germany and then Russia which is where he often warms up to Rubin Kazan.